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'''Jay Haze''' is an American recording artist originally from Avoca, Pennsylvania. He records under the names Fuckpony (Get Physical, BPitch Control), Subversion (Souljazz, Futuredub), Bearback (Tuningspork Records - together with Samim Winiger, Jay vs. Ricardo (with the Chilean artist Ricardo Villalobos) and several other monikers. Jay remixes many artists and recently collaborated with the renowned French composer Yann Tiersen (of Amelie soundtrack fame). He started with music at the age of 8 and plays guitar, piano, cello, bass violin, flute, trumpet, bass guitar and sings. He was known as a Glass sculpture|Glass sculptor years before gaining attention internationally for his music productions and dj skills. In his late 20's Jay dedicated more and more of his time to independent fundraising to help with many of today's problems and...
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